Douglas Moseley

Doug received his Juris Doctor degree, cum laude, from the University Of Akron School Of Law in January of 2017.  He recently completed a 30+ year career with Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems (formerly Goodyear Aerospace Corporation) retiring as Vice President of Research and Technology.  In this role he managed the company’s carbon-carbon materials development and its overall research agenda across their US and UK sites.  Over the last seven years of his career, he implemented the company’s current intellectual property processes from invention disclosure through patenting and including strategic management of the company’s overall IP portfolio.  These experiences led him to enroll in law school to pursue his passion for intellectual property protection. 

Doug’s previous experiences are in the fields of mechanical and structural devices, control systems, and high temperature materials.  He brings to the firm a unique perspective of someone who has managed IP from the customer’s standpoint identifying the commercially and competitively significant aspects of inventions for IP protection.

Doug previously graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Physics (with honors), and later from the University of Akron with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  He holds six patents in the areas of aircraft electric brake actuation, brake heat management and sensing, and the use of high energy capacity phase change materials for heat storage.