Power of People

Our three core values provide the focus for the culture, leadership, and professional development of our people: Integrity, Respect, and Excellence. 


Integrity is the basis of our culture, our approach to our work, and to every client and associate relationship. We expect integrity and strive to maintain integrity in all that we do. Simply put, we let our “yes” be “yes,” and our “no” be “no.”


Respect is the basis for our relationships. We foster an atmosphere that develops leadership through mentoring, and enables the attainment of each associate’s personal and professional goals. You’ll notice the difference in how we conduct ourselves with you.


Excellence is fostered through mentored professional development. Each associate understands their role and their sphere of influence, and we hold one another accountable to reflect excellence in the quality of our service.

Power of Protection

Creating and Protecting Your Intellectual Property Assets

Eschweiler & Potashnik, LLC is integral to creating and protecting your intellectual property assets.  By focusing on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, we enable you to protect your intellectual property assets in the United States and abroad.

In addition to patent preparation, our practice encompasses a broad range of patent counseling services such as strategic counseling, reexamination and post-grant opposition analysis and filings, infringement analysis, and right to use opinions. 

Further, our firm has experience and expertise in a broad range of trademark and copyright matters, including trademark application filing, clearance searches, and trademark non-infringement analysis.

Power of Potential

Maximizing Value

Eschweiler & Potashnik, LLC helps you attain your IP objectives through expertise, responsiveness and continuity, thereby maximizing the potential value of your IP assets.

Trust our expertise to help you protect your intellectual property rights. Our knowledge of technology and understanding of your IP objectives brings IP peace of mind.

Our responsiveness allows you to be confident that from start to finish, your IP assets are in good hands. When you call, we’ll have the right answers, at the right time.

Our firm’s professionals are carefully selected for their roles, bringing a collaborative spirit and continuity to the IP protection process. We think of it as a “Midwest approach,” mentoring associates who can best serve our client’s objectives.